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A blog (or weblog) is a website that is easily updated with articles, journal entries, images, and embedded links for video and music. Use the free ITS Otago Blogs service at the University of Otago to set up your own blog.

You can create an Otago Blogs site for anything related to teaching and learning, research, or administration at the University of Otago:

  • teaching papers
  • research groups
  • committees
  • projects
  • departmental newsletters

Would you like your own free Otago Blogs site?

All you need to do is complete the Blogging Service Application Form online

Accessing your blogs

Log in to the Otago Blogs website to see the blogs you have access to.

Do you need help using your blog?

If you need help using or customising your Otago Blogs site, please:

Do you have a question? Please visit the AskOtago Service Portal for more information about Otago Blogs.

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