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The University of Otago has a contract with One New Zealand for their 'All of Government' Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) Plan for the purchase and supply of mobile devices and services.

This contract has a single rate for University staff which includes unlimited calls and texts from within New Zealand and New Zealand to Australia. This rate excludes MMS (PXTs), 0900 and pay-for-services. Your monthly data is included in the plan at no extra charge. Your allocation is based on your previous use. There will be an annual 10 per cent increase in your allocation (quota). If you exceed your quota, ITS will be in touch to discuss your data needs.

There is no requirement to reimburse the University for your personal calls or texts to New Zealand and Australian standard numbers. This excludes 0900, audio conferencing, and calls and pay-for-services.

Which mobile phone model should you choose?

The mobile device to be purchased should be the most cost-effective model that will enable you to efficiently carry out your work-related tasks.

Review the list of approved mobile phone models (PDF) - requires staff login

Purchasing or upgrading your mobile phone

Refer to Purchasing/upgrading a University mobile device for how to go about this. Login to the AskOtago Service Portal to view the information.

Do you have a question?

Do you have a question? Please refer to the AskOtago Service Portal about mobile phones.

The mobile phone information in the AskOtago Knowledgebase refers to University of Otago One NZ mobile phones.  Please contact AskOtago if your question is about a desk phone.

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