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University of Otago voicemail allows callers to leave a message when you are out of the office or busy on the phone. You can also leave a message for callers to hear if you are unable to take their call. Voicemail is available on all University phone extensions at no charge to staff.

Apply for the University of Otago voicemail service online

Managing your voicemail

You can easily manage your University of Otago voicemail from your desk phone. You can:

  • set your voicemail options
  • record a greeting
  • listen to your messages
  • send incoming phone calls to voicemail
  • cancel call diversions

Accessing your voicemail

To access your voicemail on-campus:

  1. dial 3000 from a desk phone
  2. enter your extension number, then press #
  3. enter your password, and then press #.

To access your voicemail off-campus:

  1. dial +64 3 471-6001
  2. enter your extension number, then press #
  3. enter your password and then press #.

Help with your voicemail

You can get help at any time when you are logged into your voicemail by using the voicemail menu. Please choose from the following options:

  • for general help, press *
  • for message command help, press 7*
  • for mailbox command help, press 8*

Download further voicemail instructions (PDF)

You can also contact AskOtago with any questions or problems.

Do you have a question? Visit the AskOtago Service Portal for more information about voicemail

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