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Here are just a few of the potential areas of employment for language graduates:

  • Media and communications e.g. journalism, public relations, press agency and broadcasting work
  • Foreign language teaching at all levels. High school language teaching is GROWING!
  • International business such as trade, export marketing and sales in large international companies
  • Diplomatic service. The ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is always looking for graduates with language skills!
  • Tourism industry opportunities in hospitality, airline services, tour operators and guides, and marketing
  • Library and Information services involving work in archives, libraries, museums and galleries
  • Service providers to New Zealand's multi-cultural communities
  • Translating and interpreting in all of the above fields and in other areas

Language learning has many benefits

  • Over one third of businesses employ people specifically for their language and cross-cultural skills (many national firms have overseas branches, and others come to New Zealand from abroad)
  • Multi-lingual employees can expect higher level positions
  • Language learning improves your multi-tasking abilities
  • There are proven intellectual AND cognitive benefits to learning multiple languages
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