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Please note: the following table is provided only as an example. You must contact the Global Studies co-ordinator to work out your own individual programme.

Environment and sustainability

Major in Global Studies, Minor in Environmental Management

Amber – Environmental polity analyst

Amber has her mind set on working for an environmental not-for-profit organisation (NPO) like the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) or Greenpeace in Europe. She studied German for three years in high school.

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Core Global


Approved regional and career pathways

Other: Minor in Environmental Management

Year Core Global Language-acquisition Regional and career pathways Minor in Environmental Management
1 GLBL 101
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
GERM 230
German Language
GERM 231
Intermediate German 1
PHIL 235
Environmental Philosophy
Big Picture
GEOG 102
Human Geography
ENVI 111
and Society
GEOG 101
Physical Geography
2 GLBL 201
Cultures of the Environment
GERM 331
Intermediate German 2
GERM 334
German 1
EURO 302
The Culture of the European City
Regional Focus
ECON 207
Environmental Economics
GEOG 216
Resource Evaluation and Planning
GEOG 397
Environmental Management
3 HUMS 301
Internship Practicum (KPMG)
GERM 335
German 2
SOCI 208
Environmental Sociology
ENVI 312
Interdisciplinary Aspects of Climate Change
ENVI 311
Understanding Environmental Issues
GEOG 388
Climate Change:
Present and Future
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