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Please note: the following table is provided only as an example. You must contact the Global Studies co-ordinator to work out your own individual programme.

Government and public administration

Double major in Global Studies and Māori Studies

Manawa – Public policy officer

Manawa wants to work as a public officer at Te Puni Kōkiri / Ministry of Māori Development. She was brought up in a predominantly Western environment, but has recently developed a strong passion to rediscover her Māori cultural roots. She has NCEA level 1 in te reo Māori.

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Core Global


Approved regional and career pathways

Other: Major in Māori

Year Core Global Language-acquisition Regional and career pathways Major in Māori (papers marked with an asterisk can be counted towards both majors)
1 GLBL 101
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
MAOR 111
Te Kākano 1
MAOR 112
Te Kākano 2
MAOR 102
Maori Society
Introducing Asia
GEOG 102
Human Geography
MAOR 111*
Te Kākano 1
MAOR 112*
Te Kākano 2
MAOR 102*
Maori Society
2 GLBL 201
Cultures of the Environment
MAOR 211
Te Pihinga 1
MAOR 212
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
GEOG 210
Social Geography
MAOR 211*
Te Pihinga 1
MAOR 212*
Te Pihinga 2
MAOR 204*
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
3 HUMS 301
Internship Practicum
GEOG 376
Geographies of Contestation, Action and Change
SOCI 310
Social Movements and Popular Protest
SOCI 319
The Global Politics of Food
ANTH 312
Cultural Politics
MAOR 311
Te Māhuri 1
MAOR 312
Te Māhuri 2
MAOR 313
Te Hiringa Taketake
INDV 301
Māori and Indigenous Development: Governance and Ethics
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