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MA (Bordeaux), PhD (UCLA)

Dr Antonie Alm

Office Arts 3C10
Tel +64 3 479 8690

Antonie teaches German language at all levels, intercultural communication, and computer-assisted language learning. Her research focuses on the use of technology in language education. She is interested in the development of blended learning environments to support learner autonomy. Her studies on the use podcasts for listening, social networking for informal language learning, and more recently on language apps have appeared in leading scholarly journals.

Antonie is on various editorial review committees and is also the associate-president of the New Zealand German teacher association, GANZ.

Current teaching

  • GLBL 101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • GERM 331 Intermediate German language

Current research

Recent research projects investigate the use of language apps for formal and informal language learning. In an auto-ethnographic study, Antonie has written about her own experiences of learning Spanish with apps. A further on-going study assesses the use of language apps in formal learning settings. The dynamics of informal (self-initiated and out-of-class) and formal (classroom-bound) learning practices are at the core of Antonie's research interest.


She welcomes applications for BA(Hons), Masters' and PhD degrees in the fields of language education, computer assisted language learning, informal learning and intercultural communication.


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Alm, A. (2023). Engaging with L2 Netflix: Two in(tra)formal learning trajectories. In D. Toffoli, G. Socket & M. Kusyk (Eds.), Language learning and leisure: Informal language learning in the digital age. (pp. 379-408). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. doi: 10.1515/9783110752441-016 Chapter in Book - Research

Alm, A. (2023). Lockdown with La Casa de Papel: From social isolation to social engagement with language. In K. Sadeghi, M. Thomas & F. Ghaderi (Eds.), Technology-enhanced language teaching and learning: Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic. (pp. 121-135). London, UK: Bloomsbury. Chapter in Book - Research

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