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Chinese: an important language and a fascinating culture


Learning Chinese:

- enables you to truly appreciate Chinese culture - e.g., access original literary or philosophical texts, as well as Chinese art, film and media.
- permits you to access original Chinese documents (which are often not available in English translations) in your chosen profession (law, medicine, business, information science, news, etc).
- improves employment opportunities in business, immigration and education, to mention only a few professional areas, in the 21st century.
- allows you to study this fascinating and immensely useful Asian language within the supportive environment of the Languages and Culture Programme, and gain the opportunity to continue your studies in China via a number of scholarships and exchange programs.

Useful links:

University of Otago Chinese Programme on Facebook
Perapera Chinese Language Plug-in: Perapera is a pop-up dictionary and study tool. It works as a free add-on for Firefox and Chrome.
Archchinese: an excellent site to develop your reading/writing skills. An animated stroke order feature is a helpful resource.
Chinese Grammar WIKI: a comprehensive online resource for Chinese grammar.
Studying Chinese (Xue Zhongwen) dictionary: one of the best dictionaries (it allows you to write in Chinese, provides sound, includes radical, flash stroke orders, etc). It also offers a downloadable translation tool.
Learn Chinese Language Online: a great online Chinese learning site!
MandarinSpot: a Chinese text annotation tool to assist you in reading Chinese text.
Simplified/Traditional Chinese Converter: this tool converts Simplified Chinese texts to Traditional Chinese characters and vice versa.
Chinese Language Information Page: a recommended, well-organized, interesting links.
China site: the complete reference to China/Chinese related web sites.
Memrise: a Chinese character memorization tool.

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