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  • EURO 101 Introduction to European Studies - not currently being offered
    Investigate European notions of self, state and citizen, and analyse how these concepts underwrite the idea of Europe. EURO101 is ideal if you anticipate a career in cultural studies, media, international law, education, global commerce, history, literary studies, or international languages. No prerequisites required to enrol in this paper.
  • EURO 202/302 The Culture of the European City - offered Semester 1
    Will your career involve Europe and its many cultures or even take you to study there? EURO202/302 will help you to understand the complexity of selected European-city cultures within their varied social, political and historical contexts.
  • EURO 304 Europe: Ideas and Nations - not currently being offered
    Study post-Enlightenment Europe by way of focus upon key thinkers involved in its conceptual genesis, evolution, and identity.
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