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Which French language paper should I enrol in?

The appropriate entry point for French language papers depends on your current level of French. Each enrolment is ultimately at the discretion of the French Programme, but the following broad guidelines apply.

Students who have never studied French or whose experience of French is minimal and dates from many years ago, or who have only completed one year at high school, should enrol for FREN131. This paper is designed for complete beginners.

Students who have studied French for two or three years at high school in the relatively recent past, or have completed FREN105 or FREN131, should enrol for FREN132.

For students who have completed four to five years at high school, or who have NCEA Level 2 or 3 in French, or an equivalent qualification, FREN232 is the appropriate paper to enrol for. This paper reviews and consolidates the major grammar points from NCEA Levels 2 and 3.

eVision doesn't understand that students may be eligible for a paper such as FREN132 or FREN232 on the basis of their prior learning and current level of French - eVision will only see a student who does not have the prerequisite (FREN131 and FREN132 respectively) and will require that you seek "special permission" to enrol in that paper. Give as much context as you can regarding your recent French language learning at this "special permission" stage during the eVision enrolment process, as well as via email

To see the programme requirements for a BA in French, BA (Hons) in French and DipLang in French - click here.


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