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Edited by August Obermayer, Cecilia Novero and Peter Barton

Editorial Board: Hansgerd Delbrück (Wellington), Tim Mehigan (Brisbane), Christian Grawe (Melbourne), Norbert Griesmayer (Vienna), Bernhard Greiner (Tübingen), David Wellbery (Chicago)

This series of books aims to support "Germanistik". Otago German Studies was conceived and founded in 1980 by Dr August Obermayer. In 1981 Prof E. W. Herd joined as co-editor and carried out this function until his death. The series has so far published 28 volumes. In 2015 Dr Cecilia Novero agreed to join as co-editor with Dr Peter Barton following in the same role in 2017.

Most recent publication: Volume 28

Otago German Studies Volume 28Vol. 28 Of Rocks, Mushrooms and Animals: Material Ecocriticism in German-speaking Cultures. Ed. By Cecilia Novero in collaboration with August Obermayer and Peter Barton, Dunedin 2017. ISBN 978-0-9582716-8-4 NZ$ 40.00 (This volume is currently only available as a print edition. It may be ordered from


  • Cecilia Novero: Echoes of Ecocriticism: An Introduction
  • Jillian DeMair: Geological Uncertainty and Poetic Creativity: The Material Agency of Findlinge for Droste-Hülshoff and Goethe
  • Kiley M. Kost: Material Ecocriticism and Peter Handke's Versuch über den Pilznarren
  • Emily Jones: Animal Encounters and Ecological Anxiety in W. G. Sebald
  • Sandra Kohler: Reflections on Loss: Family Memory and the Natural Environment in 21st-Century German Novels
  • Sabine Nöllgen: Gewaltbereitschaft und Sprachverzicht: Die filmische Verhandlung der Nahrungsmittelproduktion in Nikolaus Geyrhalters Unser täglich Brot
  • Joela Jacobs: It's Not Easy Being Green: Integrating Refugees in German Environmentalist Culture
  • André Krebber: Negative Dialectics of Nature: From Nature's Death to New Materialisms

Cover Photo: Monica Carocci: Seagulls, 2013.

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