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He teaches contract law, and remedies in private and commercial Law at the University of Otago Law School.

Research Interests

His research interests are in remedial aspects of private law, law and the economy, contracts, and economic torts.


Moshood Abdussalam joined the University of Otago Law School as a Senior Lecturer in January 2023. He was previously a lecturer at Auckland University of Technology.


Abdussalam, M. (2023). An analysis of the case for aligning agreed remedies terms with actual loss exposures. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 30(4), 493-519. Journal - Research Article

Abdussalam, M., & Rickett, C. (2023). A restatement of the legitimate interest criterion in the law of remedial contractual terms. Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly, 419-441. Journal - Research Article

Abdussalam, M., & Ogidi, O. (2023). Towards a reconstruction of the rule against penalties using the 'just compensation' criterion. Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, 2023(2), 283-304. Journal - Research Article

Abdussalam, M. (2023). Rethinking the signature rule and the sufficiency of signatures as evidence of notice of terms in (business-to-business) commercial contracts. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 74(3), 439-471. doi: 10.53386/nilq.v74i3.1036 Journal - Research Article

Abdussalam, M. (2021). Regulating advantage-taking in the formation and renewal of contractual relations in the technology management age: A focus on consumer contracts. Competition & Consumer Law Journal, 28(3), 335-364. Journal - Research Article

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