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staff_large_roth_paul_bwWith a PhD in ancient Greek philology, I started my teaching career lecturing in classics, Greek, and Latin in several universities in the United States (Colorado College, Bowdoin College, and the University of Hawaii). After emigrating to New Zealand, I studied law at the University of Otago. I had originally begun my university career thinking that I would become a lawyer, but I got sidetracked and followed my interests.

Upon graduation with a law degree, I went straight into lecturing at Otago, broken early on by work as a local government solicitor in London for a year in the administrative law and parliamentary affairs department. While at Otago, I have practiced law on the side, initially as a specialist labour law advocate, and then as a barrister. I have appeared in the Employment Tribunal, Human Rights Review Tribunal, Employment Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal. I have worked at the Dunedin Community Law Centre since my law student days, and now volunteer there as a duty solicitor. I have done work for several government agencies and international organizations, including the International Labour Office (a United Nations agency) in Geneva, and the European Union. I was recently on an international team that drafted new model labour laws for Liberia.

I teach in the areas of labour law, international human rights law, and information and data protection law. My principal areas of research interest are employment law and data protection law. My most recent publications have dealt with child labour and migrant labour in New Zealand; workplace issues arising from new technologies; and the relevance of data protection regulation to Web 2.0 activities.

Research Interests

International Human Rights Law; Employment Law, Privacy and Information Law.




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