Research projects conducted by current Law postgraduate students and recent graduates.

Current students

Name Topic Degree Email Address
Dami Ogunyemi Safeguarding Human Rights in the Global War against Terrorism PhD
Pooja Mohun Regulating AI in the Finance Sector LLM
Russell Mawhinney An Examination of the Scope of Religious Expression in Professional Sport - The Israel Folau Saga LLM
Kelsey Brown Children's participation in Aotearoa LLM
Claire Browning A prospective on kaitiakitanga in environmental law for Aotearoa, New Zealand PhD
Michael Crosbie A Limitation Period for Serious Crime PhD
Frances Matthews Are older people in residential care arbitrarily detained? PhD
Michael Morrison Long term care options for tamariki in Aotearoa New Zealand: A critical examination into long term fostering and adoptive practices in New Zealand PhD
Oliver Skinner A Legal History of New Zealand Lakes PhD
Renay Taylor Tikanga and legal personality – modern protection and customary law LLM
Richman Wee Biobanking and Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Health Research Participants in the Genomics Era in NZ PhD
Luke Fitzmaurice Child protection and children's participation in Aotearoa New Zealand PhD
Benjamin Tombs Untangling responsibility and liability in a context of climate change foreseeable damages PhD
Louise Wilsdon Challenging Legislative Conceptions of Harm in an Age of Big Data: A critique of New Zealand's regulatory framework for health data privacy PhD
Margaret Courtney Access by Māori to Legal Services, Māori Land Court LLM
Graham Strong Intellectual Property to Intellectual Capital LLM

Recent graduates

Name Topic Degree
Metiria Stanton Turei The Visual Literacy of Māori Law LLM
Fiona Seal Regulating Artificial Intelligence: A Critical Analysis of Technology Law's Gordian Knot in the New Zealand Context LLM
Mihiata Pirini The Māori Land Court: Exploring the Space Between Law, Design and Kaupapa Māori LLM
Deb Inder Children's Participation in the Context of Private Law Disputes in the New Zealand Family Justice System PhD
Madison Dobie Norms in Competition: The Influence of Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Rule of Law on Human Rights Protection in New Zealand LLM
Fiona Miller Children's Competence to Consent to Medical, Surgical and Dental Treatment PhD
Kesia Sherwood Fallen by the Wayside: Yound People with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in New Zealand's Youth Justice System PhD
Emily Stannard Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Aotearoa New Zealand's Family Justice System LLM
Mele Tupou The Process and Outcomes of the 2010 Constitutional and Political Reform in Tonga – The Deveolution of Executive Power of the Monarchy PhD
Curtis Barnes Approaches to robot law LLM
Sarah Butcher The effect on the right to a private life by prior publication of words, photos and other personal information PhD
Henry Flood Data Protection Law and Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner LLM
Lee James Parental alienation of children in care disputes LLM
Ruth Jeffery Defining the parameters of the employee-employer relationship in the presence of mental health disorders PhD
David Krott "Guilty or not guilty" – The Call for International Environmental Criminal Law LLM
Benjamin Ralston Marine spatial planning as a tool for reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous interests LLM
Daniel Becker The Controversy over Mediator Neutrality: Input from New Zealand Mediators LLM
Robert Styles The role of Non-Governmental Organisations in International Law LLM
Christopher Gullidge The Promulgation of Primary Legislation in New Zealand: Principles, Practice and Practicalities LLM
Tobias Barkley Discretionary Interests and rights to replace Trustees: Can they be Property? LLM
Joanne Lee The Laws of Privacy and Consent and Large scale DNA Biobanking in New Zealand LLM
Arie Afriansyah State Responsibility in International Environmental Protection during Armed Conflict PhD
Amir Bastani Legal and Ethical Issues in the 'genetic defence' Concerning Criminal Responsibility PhD
Mohamad Bin Abd Rahman Efficiency of legal mechanisms in handling the invasion of malware, badware and bad cookies PhD
Hui Yun Chan Advance Directives in Healthcare Law PhD
Simon Connell The Future of the Interpretation of Contracts PhD
Allan Cooke What is the State's Responsibility to Children who are in State Care PhD
Mary Foley The duty to provide for adult children in wills PhD
Ben France-Hudson Private property rights and natural resources PhD
Claire Green The impact of section 15 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 on the vexing issue of economic disparity between couples on the break down of their relationships PhD
Naomi Johnstone Exploring PEACE in the Bougainville Conflict: Access to justice and reconciliation through 'win-win' mediation and Indigenous dispute resolution PhD
Buvanis Karuppiah Property Rights of Cohabitants: A Comparative Study Between Malaysia, England and New Zealand PhD
Maria Pozza The International Law and Policy of Outer Space: A New Perspective on Arms Control PhD
Fiona Mackenzie Motherhood and Family Law in NZ with Respect to Separated Parenting PhD
Susan Robson The policy response to problems of process in the employment jurisdiction PhD
Melvin Salahuddin The UNFCCC in the REDD: Compliance through Transnational Legal Process in Decentralised Indonesia PhD
Jeanne Snelling Parental preferences and procreative choices: Reproductive liberty and the regulation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis PhD
Bridgette Toy-Cronin Unrepresented Litigants in the New Zealand Civil Courts PhD
Christopher Walshaw Interpretation of statutory rules as application: A legal hermeneutics PhD
Megan Gollop The Impact of a Relocation Dispute Following Parental Separation PhD
Mara Hosoda Evaluating equity programs in New Zealand law schools for Pacific LLB students PhD
Brenda McKinney Minding the Race Gap: A Comparative Review Exploring the Promise and Progression of New Zealand Style Restorative Juvenile Justice Practices LLM
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