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Vanessa Lattimore_thumbnail

16 Dec 2016

PhD student wins PSOC's Best Exit Seminar award

Vanessa Lattimore was the recipient of the PSOC Best Exit Seminar award in 2016.

Gabi Dachs_thumbnail

12 Oct 2016

UORG funding for ascorbate and chemotherapy interactions

Associate Professor Gabi Dachs has received a UORG in 2016 to research ascorbate...

19 Sep 2016

Cancer research showcased at UOC Health Research Open Day

The UOC Health Research Open Day was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our res...

Bailey Kennedy_thumbnail

22 Aug 2016

Dad’s cancer journey inspires student’s PhD research

PhD student Bailey Kennedy spoke to Fairfax about what led her to undertaking a...

Margaret Currie_thumbnail

17 Aug 2016

CMRF funding success for a Mackenzie Principal Investigator

Dr Margaret Currie was awarded funding from the Canterbury Medical Research Foun...

22 Jul 2016

Research showcased at Cancer Society Information Evening

The Mackenzie Cancer Research Group showcased some of their research at an infor...

24 May 2016

Obesity's impact on breast cancer

The impact being obese has surviving cancer is being studied by a team of specia...

Logan Walker_thumbnail

14 Apr 2016

Will eating cake give me cancer?

Dr Logan Walker gave a public lecture discussing a number of cancer myths, answe...

07 Mar 2016

The Mackenzie Marvels raise money for cancer research

The Mackenzie Marvels raise money for cancer research at local Relay for Life

George Wiggins_thumbnail

10 Feb 2016

Assistant Research Fellow begins PhD study

Assistant Research Fellow George Wiggins is beginning his PhD study with the Mac...

Logan Walker_thumbnail

18 Jan 2016

Cancer genetics Principal Investigator on One News

Dr Logan Walker featured in an item about access to genetic testing on TVNZ's On...

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