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Clinical Director of Mackenzie Cancer Research Group
Medical Oncologist

BMedSc MD(Otago) FRACP


Oncology Service
Christchurch Hospital
Private Bag 4710
New Zealand

Current Roles

  • Medical Oncologist, Christchurch Hospital
  • Co-convenor professional development thread, 4th and 5th year medicine
  • Chair of Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre, linking scientists and clinicians managing cancer

Research Interests

  • Clinical Director of the Mackenzie Cancer Research Group
  • Director: Cancer Society Tissue Bank
  • Clinical trials for cancer patients


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Leong, T. W., McCook, G., Frampton, C. M. A., Robinson, B. A., & James, M. L. (2022). Adjuvant nodal field radiation in resected stage III melanoma: A single-centre retrospective study in Christchurch, New Zealand. Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology, 66, 1003-1013. doi: 10.1111/1754-9485.13438

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