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BSc MBS PhD(NUI Galway)Conor O'Kane portrait photograph

Room OBS 715
Tel +64 3 479 8121

Conor’s research expertise and interests are broadly at the intersection of science-industry-policy interactions and more specifically, focus on innovation and R&D processes related to technology strategy and academic entrepreneurship. Conor supervises (and is open to further supervision of) Masters and PhD students in the areas of strategy, innovation and University-Industry interactions.

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Conor is Head of Programme for Otago Business School’s Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and former Director of the Master of Entrepreneurship. Conor teaches strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship to undergraduate, postgraduate and executive students. Outside of academia, Conor is a trained innovation practitioner with expertise in the Strategyser tools and methodologies for facilitating and coaching discovery sprints, business model innovation and managing innovation portfolios.


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