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Our postgraduate students are passionate about their study and research

Management postgraduate students' chosen topic areas reflect their many and various interests. Studying towards Master's or PhD degrees, they know that completing an advanced qualification in Management gives them the edge in the job market.

Current postgraduate candidates:

PhD candidates

Management at Otago has a large number of PhD candidates.  Our PhD research addresses the current and critical issues in Management, as well as taking a new approach to more traditional areas of Management research.

Mashkoor Ahmad:  Family Business SME's, Succession as a Major Transition.

Iftikhar Alam:  How social media has brought about a paradigm shift in organizational communication.

Gao Chen: The impact of industry 4.0 on management of quality in residential aged care.

Cassino Doyle: Expanding the capabilities of Māori through NZ's infrastructure delivery (co-located in Geography).

Peng Guan: Application of Blockchain and other new technologies in ports and maritime sectors.

Huong My Le: Performance measurement system of circular-resilient supply chain.

Jekope Maiono: Fifty years of independence – indigenous perceptions on sustainable land development in Fiji (co-located in Te Tumu).

SeyedAli (Ali) PoshtMashhadi: Effects of special events and weather on emergency department admission in New Zealand.

Aziah Zainal: Exploring the influence of human resource policies on female leadership aspirations.

Masters candidates

Management Masters' research includes study into cultural diversity, social capital, and management of business partnerships.

MIntBus candidates

  • Richard Boswell
  • Marlene Karpa
  • Qarina Damia Maliki Kamal
  • Jana McLeod
  • Adrian Molinar
  • Jerwin Morcilla
  • Ben O'Donovan
  • James Simpson
  • Rowena Solomona Sua

MSusBus candidates

  • Adekunle Adebowale
  • Luisa Cardenas Rozo
  • Ailsa Carroll
  • Kanav Chauhan
  • Tianyi Chen
  • Miranda Chetham
  • Kirsten Clark
  • Nicola Collins
  • Zion-Elijah Davis
  • Kate Ellmers
  • Saima Faisal
  • Danielle Gardner
  • Georgia Gasper
  • Anne Gatenby
  • Kayleigh Gilkes
  • Simon Grey
  • Kate Hebblethwaite
  • Kenneth Holley
  • Tess Johnstone
  • Denise Lewis
  • Valentin Loriot
  • Lovelynine Maelega
  • Hannah Mason
  • Gregory  Masters
  • Lucy McGregor
  • Jordan Moores
  • Lily Morrow
  • Prasad Nagasubramanian
  • Duncan Newman
  • Jagjeeta Oberoi
  • Kate Parker
  • Elena Piere
  • Samuel Reed
  • Jessica Retter
  • Devon Richardson
  • Alice Rule
  • Julian Smith
  • Dean Smith
  • Blake Speer
  • Zandri Spies
  • Thomas Stewart
  • Sindhuja Sundarrajan
  • Craig Turner
  • Raunaq Walia
  • Fiona Warburton
  • Nichola Wilson
  • Emily Young
  • Ella Zwagerman

DBA candidates

  • Allena Abbas
  • Anabelle Alis
  • Mathew Beaulieu
  • Daphne  Chan
  • Ray Chen
  • Callie Corrigan
  • Morne Cross
  • Ryan D’Ath
  • Gustavo Fernandez
  • Andrew  Ford
  • Karen Goldsworthy
  • Royden Hartnett
  • Giles Jephcott
  • Hazel Jourdin
  • Zaheed Kanthawala
  • Zubbi Kutty
  • Tony Martin
  • Amaniki Misa
  • Tawanda Mungure
  • Daniel Norris
  • Robert O’Brien
  • Yuehchi Peng
  • Jiangyang Que
  • Vicky Rombouts
  • Ameed Salem
  • Pamela Simpson
  • Peter Sinclair
  • Jeremy Sole
  • Luke Taylor
  • Silao Vaisola-Sefo
  • Shannil Varma
  • Ben Waetford
  • Jingwei Wang
  • Yu Zhao

Completed postgraduates

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