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Master of Commerce (MCom) in Management students carry out detailed research into Management – from a range of perspectives.

Management Masters' research includes study into cultural diversity, social capital, and management of business partnerships. Take a look at our recently completed MCom research themes below.

Nigel Brown (2023)
What are the Barriers to Preferred Supplier Status: The case of the building materials industry.
(Supervisor: Lincoln Wood)

Jodie Black (2020)
Lean in Mental Health Service Redesign.
(Supervisor: Richard Greatbanks)

Mubshra Sattar (2018)
Leadership, Employee Well-being and Life Happiness - Does Ethical Leadership Create Happy Workers?
(Supervisors: Steven Grover, Diane Ruwhiu)

Josephine Tan (2018)
Organisational Ambidexterity.
(Supervisors: Conor O'Kane, Jing (Annie) Zhang)

Gao Chen (2017)
Strategies in Initial Stage of International Entrepreneurship in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Chinese Ethnic Entrepreneurship in New Zealand.
(Supervisor: André Everett)

Shiraani Fathimath (2015)
HRM and Performance in the Higher Education Sector.
(Supervisor: Fiona Edgar)

Abbe Hyde (2015)
Entrepreneurship for future transport.
(Supervisor: Sara Walton)

Ben Lawrie (2014)
The impact that online ratification procedures for collective bargaining agreements have on negotiations, compared to the traditional procedures.
(Supervisor: Ian McAndrew)

Regina Maniam (2014)
Roles of Universities in Clusters – The University of Otago and the Dunedin ICT Cluster.
(Supervisor: André Everett, Conor O'Kane)

Esther Ngocha-Chaderopa (2014)
Management implications of cultural diversity: A case study of New Zealand's hospital service sector.
(Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Ian McAndrew)

Sasha Westropp (2014)
Expatriate cross-cultural adaption: A study of adult third-culture kids working as expatriates in Singapore.
(Supervisor: André Everett)

Kelly Honey (2013)
Assessing the real value of the interest based approach to bargaining.
(Supervisors: Ian McAndrew, Alan Geare, Cheryl Rivers)

Eleanor Hinds (2012)
Comparing the cultural patterns of China and India.
(Supervisors: Malcolm Cone, André Everett)

Sylvie Leduc (2012)
Workplace stress: The determinants of coping strategies.
(Supervisor: Alan Geare)

Matt Porteous (2012)
Managing New Zealand-China business collaboration at the personal (and personnel) level.
(Supervisor: André Everett)

Gareth Rees (2011)
The introduction of lean thinking in an emergency department in New Zealand.
(Supervisor: Richard Greatbanks)

Jane Zhuang (2011)
Grounded in heritage: An exploration of traditional cultural clusters in China – The case of the Jingdezhen porcelain cluster
(Supervisor: André Everett)

Andy Patterson (2010)
Employment ideology and grievance adjudication.
(Supervisor: Ian McAndrew)

Rhonda Schlaadt (2009)
Retirement for New Zealanders in 2025.
(Supervisors: Graham Elkin, Alan Geare)

Jonathon Yu (2008)
Pirates in cyberspace: Online narratives of resistance to corporate hegemony in the recording industry.
(Supervisor: Malcolm Lewis)

Bradley Curnow (2007)
Social capital in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Lima, Peru.
(Supervisors: Jodyanne Kirkwood, Tony Binns)

Stephanie Thiebault (2007)
Managing the extension of luxury fashion brands' image when 'marketing' global brands to a mature vs. developing market: the case of Paris vs. Shanghai.
(Supervisors: André Everett, Kim Fam)

Tabian Ambang (2005)
The relationship between indigenous and western leadership systems at the local level in the contemporary governance systems of Papua New Guinea.
(Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Malcolm Cone)

Lenny Sunaryo (2005)
Managing a complex environment - social cultural perspectives. The case of Indonesia.
(Supervisor: Malcolm Cone)

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