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PhD Candidates – recently completed

The Department of Management has a wealth of current PhD research into many aspects of Management and its related disciplines.

Our PhD research addresses the current and critical issues in Management, as well as taking a new approach to more traditional areas of Management research. Please see below for a complete list of recently completed PhD in Management students (in alphabetical order).

Hamizah Abd Hamid (2017). The entrepreneurship process of ethnic immigrant enterpreneurs. (Supervisors: André Everett, Conor O'Kane)

Ali Bavik (2014). Concept of organisational culture within the hospitality industry in New Zealand. (Supervisors: Tara Duncan (Tourism), Fiona Edgar)

Liz Ditzel (2008). A study of perceived occupational stress, burnout and sense of community among New Zealand nurses. (Supervisor: Steven Grover)

Fiona Douglas (2011). What is the relationship between the management of the work environment of career guidance practitioners, and the development of their professional identity? (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Rebecca Stringer (Anthropology, Gender & Sociology))

Kirsty Dwyer (2011). Is supply chain management a discipline? A comparative content analysis of academic and practitioner knowledge to determine disciplinary identity.(Supervisors: André Everett, Jodyanne Kirkwood)

Jean-Baptiste Faucher (2010). Reconceptualizing knowledge management: Knowledge, social energy, and emergent leadership in social complex adaptive systems. (Supervisors: Rob Lawson (Marketing), André Everett)

Cle-Anne Gabriel (2015). Business Models for the Commercialisation of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries. (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Sara Walton, Jodyanne Kirkwood)

Tresna Hunt (2011). A cognitve-relational approach to leadership studies: Finding a middle ground for leadership research.(Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Steven Grover, Vicky Browning)

Barrie Irving (2015). How social justice is understood within the context of official New Zealand career education policy guidelines, and by career educators in secondary schools.(Supervisors: Karen Nairn (Education), Bronwyn Boon)

Bernd Kupka (2007). Creation of an instrument to assess intercultural communication competence for strategic international human resource management. (Supervisors: André Everett, Steve Atkins)

Evelyn Looi (2013). The Impact of Organisational Culture on the Performance of District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand (Supervisors: Richard Greatbanks, André Everett)

Andrei Lux (2017). Culture as a moderator of the relationship between followers’ perceptions of authentic leadership and their positive organisational outcomes.  (Supervisors: Steven Grover, Stephen Teo)

Naoto Nadayama (2017). International Entrepreneurship in MNEs: Multiple Case Studies in the Dairy Industry. (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Jodyanne Kirkwood)

Fa Martin-Niemi (2013). Developing new knowledge in organisations: Engagement with virtual social networks in problem solving.(Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Paula O'Kane, Richard Greatbanks)

Dave McKay (2014). Are indigenous/traditional perspectives/world views/understandings reconcilable with European developed environments education? (Supervisors: Hugh Campbell, Sociology, Gender & Social Work; Sara Walton; Jim Williams, School of Maori, Pacific & Indigenous Studies)

Juan Pellegrino (2009). Knowledge management in New Zealand organisations. (Supervisors: Brendan Gray, Colin Campbell-Hunt)

Pramuk Perera (2016). Entry strategy in Asian emerging economies: Implications of institutional condition and transition. (Supervisors: Lisa McNeill, Elizabeth Rose)

Joe Piggin (2008). Power, politics and the policy process in New Zealand sport. (Supervisors: Steve Jackson (Phys Ed), Malcolm Lewis)

Diane Ruwhiu (2009). Maori business development: Examining the role of social, cultural and economic capital. (Supervisors: Colin Campbell-Hunt, Malcolm Cone)

Claudia Seifert (2006). The genesis of organisational crisis: Exploration and theory building. (Supervisors: Colin Campbell-Hunt, Alan Geare)

Raja Nerina Raja Yusof (2010). Internationalization strategies and operations of international retailers: Comparison of Asia and Europe. (Supervisors: André Everett, Malcolm Cone)

Lenny Sunaryo (2009). Chinese social institutions imitating nature? Strategic action in pursuit of self-actualisation. (Supervisors: André Everett, Malcolm Cone)

Sara Walton (2008). Contesting natures: A discourse analysis of natural resource conflicts. (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Hugh Campbell)

Babak Zahraie (2017). Green Entrepreneurs: Change Agents towards Sustainability. (Supervisors: André Everett, Sara Walton, Jodyanne Kirkwood)

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