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Our PhD research addresses critical issues in Management, taking a new approach to more traditional areas of Management research. Please see below for a complete list of recently completed PhD in Management students (in alphabetical order).

  • Hamizah Abd Hamid (2017).
    The entrepreneurship process of ethnic immigrant enterpreneurs.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Conor O'Kane)
  • Omid Aliasghar (2018).
    Learning from open innovation in a context of less open country.
    (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Sylvie Chetty, Annie Zhang)
  • Ali Bavik (2014).
    Concept of organisational culture within the hospitality industry in New Zealand.
    (Supervisors: Tara Duncan (Tourism), Fiona Edgar)
  • Nana Bortsie-Aryee (2016).
    Water footprint management – theory to reality. Water management and performance of New Zealand livestock agribusiness.
    (Supervisors: Sara Walton, Conor O’Kane, Dr Peter Fennessy)
  • Virginia Cathro (2021).
    An Exploration of Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC) in Global Virtual Teams using a Mixed Method Approach.
    (Supervisors: Jeff Smith (College of Education), Elizabeth Rose)
  • Liz Ditzel (2008).
    A study of perceived occupational stress, burnout and sense of community among New Zealand nurses.
    (Supervisor: Steven Grover)
  • Fiona Douglas (2011).
    What is the relationship between the management of the work environment of career guidance practitioners, and the development of their professional identity?
    (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Rebecca Stringer (Anthropology, Gender & Sociology))
  • Kirsty Dwyer (2011).
    Is supply chain management a discipline? A comparative content analysis of academic and practitioner knowledge to determine disciplinary identity.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Jodyanne Kirkwood)
  • Jean-Baptiste Faucher (2010).
    Reconceptualizing knowledge management: Knowledge, social energy, and emergent leadership in social complex adaptive systems.
    (Supervisors: Rob Lawson (Marketing), André Everett)
  • Farhana Firoz (2021).
    Mumpreneurs' Well-being: An investigation on how well-being can be both a driver for and outcome of mumpreneurship.
    (Supervisors: Diane Ruwhiu, Jeff Foote)
  • Cle-Anne Gabriel (2015).
    Business Models for the Commercialisation of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries.
    (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Sara Walton, Jodyanne Kirkwood)
  • Tresna Hunt (2011).
    A cognitve-relational approach to leadership studies: Finding a middle ground for leadership research.
    (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Steven Grover, Vicky Browning)
  • Barrie Irving (2015).
    How social justice is understood within the context of official New Zealand career education policy guidelines, and by career educators in secondary schools.
    (Supervisors: Karen Nairn (Education), Bronwyn Boon)
  • Bernd Kupka (2007).
    Creation of an instrument to assess intercultural communication competence for strategic international human resource management.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Steve Atkins)
  • Evelyn Looi (2013).
    The Impact of Organisational Culture on the Performance of District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand
    (Supervisors: Richard Greatbanks, André Everett)
  • Andrei Lux (2017).
    Culture as a moderator of the relationship between followers’ perceptions of authentic leadership and their positive organisational outcomes. 
    (Supervisors: Steven Grover, Stephen Teo)
  • Ruth Mrabure (2018).
    Exploring Entrepreneurial Orientation among indigenous entrepreneurs: With focus on Maori private entrepreneurs in New Zealand.
    (Supervisors: Diane Ruwhiu, Tara Duncan)
  • Naoto Nadayama (2017).
    International Entrepreneurship in MNEs: Multiple Case Studies in the Dairy Industry.
    (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Jodyanne Kirkwood)
  • Fa Martin-Niemi (2013).
    Developing new knowledge in organisations: Engagement with virtual social networks in problem solving.
    (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Paula O'Kane, Richard Greatbanks)
  • Dave McKay (2014).
    Are indigenous/traditional perspectives/world views/understandings reconcilable with European developed environments education?
    (Supervisors: Hugh Campbell, Sociology, Gender & Social Work; Sara Walton; Jim Williams, School of Maori, Pacific & Indigenous Studies)
  • Juan Pellegrino (2009).
    Knowledge management in New Zealand organisations.
    (Supervisors: Brendan Gray, Colin Campbell-Hunt)
  • Pramuk Perera (2016).
    Entry strategy in Asian emerging economies: Implications of institutional condition and transition.
    (Supervisors: Lisa McNeill, Elizabeth Rose)
  • Joe Piggin (2008).
    Power, politics and the policy process in New Zealand sport.
    (Supervisors: Steve Jackson (Phys Ed), Malcolm Lewis)
  • Diane Ruwhiu (2009).
    Maori business development: Examining the role of social, cultural and economic capital.
    (Supervisors: Colin Campbell-Hunt, Malcolm Cone)
  • Arash Sadeghi (2018).
    Examining the relationship between knowledge, strategy, commitment and export performance of high-tech SME's-A structural equation modeling (SEM) and data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach.
    (Supervisors: Elizabeth Rose, Sylvie Chetty)
  • Claudia Seifert (2006).
    The genesis of organisational crisis: Exploration and theory building.
    (Supervisors: Colin Campbell-Hunt, Alan Geare)
  • Raja Nerina Raja Yusof (2010).
    Internationalization strategies and operations of international retailers: Comparison of Asia and Europe.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Malcolm Cone)
  • Lenny Sunaryo (2009).
    Chinese social institutions imitating nature? Strategic action in pursuit of self-actualisation.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Malcolm Cone)
  • Sara Walton (2008).
    Contesting natures: A discourse analysis of natural resource conflicts.
    (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Hugh Campbell)
  • Jason Wang (2018).
    The Influence of customer firms' supply chain sustainability practices on suppliers: Exploring the moderating factors from the perspective of financial markets.
    (Supervisors: Lincoln Wood, Karin Olesen)
  • Babak Zahraie (2017).
    Green Entrepreneurs: Change Agents towards Sustainability.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Sara Walton, Jodyanne Kirkwood)
  • Jane Zhuang (2018).
    A Weberian approach in formalising Grounded Theory - Discovering the golden rules in historical cultural clusters.
    (Supervisors: André Everett, Tara Duncan)

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