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PhD Candidate

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Effects of special events and weather on emergency department admission in New Zealand.



SeyedAli (Ali) PoshtMashhadi is a PhD candidate in Management at the University of Otago, focusing his research on data-driven health optimisation, supply chain management, health supply chain management and business analytics. With over 7 years of professional experience, including most recently as Planning Head at Behestan Darou, a leading pharmaceutical company in Iran, Ali brings substantial industry knowledge to his academic pursuits.

For his doctoral research, Ali is analysing changes in emergency department admissions across different situations to propose optimised resource allocation solutions. His expertise spans demand planning, inventory analysis, supply chain, and using data analytics to drive business insights. Ali has co-authored several conference papers on topics including supply chain modelling, and brand equity analysis.

He holds a Master's degree in Financial Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. Ali's background, combining advanced data analysis skills, operational optimisation, and hands-on pharmaceutical planning experience position him to make significant contributions to improving health systems through his doctoral research.


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