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Focused on another career, but interested in learning about Entrepreneurship too?

Entrepreneurship is a great choice as a minor. Complement your chosen career path with an understanding of entrepreneurship, and you will be ready for any workplace.

Entrepreneurship is available as an optional minor subject for a:

Requirements for a Minor in Entrepreneurship

Major in another subject, and choose Entrepreneurship as your minor. Or just complete a couple of papers as you wish.

Requirements for a Minor in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is also available as a subject of study for the Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntr) degree.


Entrepreneurship infosheet (PDF)

Otago Network for Entrepreneurship

Dunedin has a thriving startup ecosystem with information, networks, advocacy and resources available to build companies and new organisations. From creative weekends and innovation networks to co-working spaces, Dunedin is an entrepreneurial city with an exciting startup ecosystem.

Find out about the Otago Network for Entrepreneurship

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