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Are you interested in other cultures and global events?

International Business is all about learning how to work in a dynamic global environment and how to conduct business effectively across national borders and cultural boundaries.

You'll have to know how to deal with the culture, language, law, institutions, companies and communities of different countries in order to successully work in the international business world.

Career opportunities in international business

A degree in International Business opens up a world of opportunities! Our graduates are well prepared to assess and solve business issues at the global level across sectors and industries –  from financial markets to management to trade to marketing. Examples of areas you could work in include:

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Foreign Economic Relations
  • International Trade and Investments
  • International Marketing and Business Strategy
  • Management Consulting or Operations
  • Government Departments, such as the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Buratat Sakultanapanich, Bachelor of Commerce, Global Corporate Banker, JPMorgan Chase &Co.
"My International Business degree has given me the ability to evaluate financial, managerial, economic, organisational and marketing issues in a global context."

Study options

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