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Programme highlights

“Kids being impressed by what they saw, for example the seastar eating a crab (it is hard to impress year 8's). The wonderment it encouraged.”

“Shark dissection.”

“Dissecting a squid, touch tanks, investigation tables.”

“The seashore visit, and Albert the octopus!

“Brilliant the way the students are stretched in all activities.”

“Very full programme covering all science strands and literacy.”

“The children enjoyed all of the visit, they especially liked the submarine and what it had to offer.”

“The camouflage crabs were fascinating!”

“Microscope work finding plankton and especially mantis shrimp.”

“The children (and adults) enjoyed and appreciated the friendless and approachability of the staff, and their expertise of course!”

“A good mix of info delivery and practical tasks, staff were enthusiastic, energetic and passionate.

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