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richardandpenguinOur primary programmes are designed to excite and captivate young minds, and bring them in touch with the marine world. The programmes align with NZ curriculum standards.

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Please note that the rates shown are for NZ schools only and do not include GST. We are happy to adapt any of these programmes for other interested groups.

Download brief details of all our primary programmes (PDF file, 270 KB)

Aquavan Adventures - Levels 2-4

Specially designed to transport marine species, the Aquavan is equipped with chilled re-circulating seawater tanks. During visits to classrooms and community halls, a mobile touch tank supports encounters with a diversity of live marine animals.  If you are interested in the Aquavan visiting your school, please contact us.
Download an information sheet about the Aquavan Coastal Connections programme (PDF file, 965 KB)

Online Live from the Shore – Levels 1-5

Join a marine scientist on an exploration of the local coastline while it is live-streamed directly to your classroom. Ask questions and learn great stories to tell your own whānau next time you go on a seashore scramble. Cost $60 (excluding GST) per hour. (Tide dependent).

Online Live from the Fish Tank – Levels 1-5

Join a marine scientist and encounter the weird and wonderful adaptations found in the touch tanks. Live-streamed directly to your classroom, students will be encouraged to play along and compare their own adaptations to their distant swimming relatives. Cost $60 (excluding GST) per hour.

Ocean Caretakers – Levels 3-5

Why are humans concerned about plastics? How does it affect our moana? Investigate the local seashore through a Litter Intelligence survey and get up and close to the creatures that live along the coastline. Learn what you can do to be kaitiaki of the coastlines. Two hours, tide dependent. Cost $7 per student (excluding GST).

Sharks: inside and out – levels 4-7

This programme will explore what makes a shark a shark. Find out what species of shark are found in the local areas of the Otago Harbour and off the coast and how they are different from each other. Discover how scientists gather data about sharks and what this information tells us. Explore the external and internal anatomy of a shark and examine the unique features and adaptations it has to survive. Two hours. Cost $7 per student or $9 with dissection (excluding GST).

Creature Features – Levels 1-3

There's a mystery animal to be found!  Investigate how scientists classify common marine animals into mollusc, echinoderm and crustacean family groups.  Have a go at doing it yourself.  To which family does the mystery animal belong?  1.5 - 2 hours.  Cost $7 per student (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Creature Features programme (PDF file, 111 KB)

Seashore Scramble (Marine Metre Squared)
– Levels 1-4

Uncover the secrets on the seashore by peeking under rocks and in tide pools.  Find the crabs, snails, seaweed, and other animals that live on the shore. Investigate and understand why marine animals live where they do.   Use shore survey techniques and equipment  to survey a 1x1 metre patch of the shore at low tide. Identify and count the animals and plants you find, record them on a data sheet that can be uploaded to our website. Compare your data with other surveys around New Zealand. 2 hours.  Tide dependent. Cost  $7 per student (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Seashore Scramble (Marine Metre Squared) programme (PDF file, 111 KB)

Science in the Sea – Levels 2-4

What does a marine scientist do?  How do scientists study the sea?  Touch and explore the wall of Taonga Moana, learn what research happens at the University of Otago Department of Marine Science, locate the research vessel  RV Polaris II, use tools the scientist have to study the ocean, run a guided experiment.  Uses video clips, iPads, microscopes, models, live creatures.  2 hours. Cost  $7 per student (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Science in the Sea programme (PDF file, 117 KB)
Download a flier about the Science in the Sea programme (PDF file, 1.4 MB)

Supper in the Sea – Levels 2-4

Marine food webs - the who eats who in the ocean. Discover how local sea creatures are adapted to catch their food, avoid predators and stay alive.  Explore issues regarding sustainability and human impact on the oceans.  Uses microscopes and live animals.  2 hours.   Cost $7 per student or $9 with dissection (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Supper in the Sea programme (PDF file, 82 KB)

Māori Fishing Technology – Levels 3-4

Investigate the  relationship between Tangaroa and Tane and discover connections between  kaimoana species and traditional collection methods. Make a poha and  find where raw materials come from to make tools to collect food.  2  hours.  Cost $7 per student (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Māori Fishing Technology programme (PDF file, 125 KB)

Suckers and Tentacles – Levels 3-5

What has suckers or tentacles?  Investigate the mollusc world and then focus in on cephalopods - octopus and squid.  Investigate questions using preserved and live specimens.  Dissect a squid to understand its amazing adaptations.  Consider some difficult issues around sustainably fishing for squid.  2 hours.  Cost $9 per student - price includes $2 for dissection (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Suckers and Tentacles programme (PDF file, 110 KB)

Deep Sea Denizens – Levels 3-5

What is the Deep Sea like?  What animals live there and how do they survive? Investigate the challenges facing Deep Sea biologists as they try to understand the deep.   Look at preserved Deep Sea specimens and take a virtual dive in our Yellow Submarine.   2 hours.  Cost $7 per student (excluding GST).
Download full information about the Deep Sea Denizens programme (PDF file, 111 KB).


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