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What is happening in the seahorse tank today?

Are the seahorses courting? Have they been fed recently? Is there any plankton swimming about in the tank?  Can you spot any pipefish or other animals in the tank?

Sometimes this webcam may be focussed on the large reception area fish tank ... What is on view today?

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Discussion topics

Reproduction strategies

In the seahorse family it is the dads who carry the babies!  Can you tell the difference between the male and female seahorses?  It is easy if they are courting - the males blow up their bellies with seawater to show off to the females.  Female seahorses produce hundreds of eggs at regular intervals which they deposit into the pouch of their favoured mate.  The male seahorse protects them in his pouch until they are born.  In what different ways do other marine animals reproduce?


What do seahorses eat?

Look at their long snouts and their big swivelling eyes.  Seahorses are adapted to catching and eating zooplankton.  They need to be fed frequently as they do not have a long gut.  At the NZ Marine Studies Centre we try to feed them on fresh zooplankton every day.  Can you see the seahorses hunting and catching their prey?


  • Watch this space for a video about seahorses feeding on plankton