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Modified from original by John Jillett, 2000

The history of marine science in Otago is strongly linked with both the University of Otago and the Fish Hatchery established at Portobello in 1904. The historical roots of the department extend back to the appointment of Captain F.W. Hutton, previously Otago provincial geologist, as Professor of Natural Science in 1876. Even before Hutton, the transactions of the New Zealand Institute published several papers on marine topics by Dunedin authors.

Although officially established in 1992 the Department of Marine Science has its roots ten years earlier when the University of Otago introduced the degree of MSc in Marine Science with John Jillett as course director.

Our historical timeline shows the many highlights from those humble beginnings to the department of today. The Department continues to develop, expanding the range of courses available, as well as the range of research facilities.

You can review our historical timeline here


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