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Well-being support

HK Tai Sapoaga thumbFor Faumuina Associate Professor Fa'afetai Sopoaga her new HRC-funded research into the mental health and well-being of Pacific youth in higher education is, in part, a reflection of her own personal journey, which began when she came to Dunedin from Samoa to study medicine.
Well-being support (He Kitenga)

Understanding Māori health inequities

Jo Baxter thumbnailAssociate Professor Jo Baxter considers which path do you take when you're a medical academic wanting to strengthen policy and practice with regard to Māori health and well-being – do you take a strategic direction in leadership roles, or a research road to root out where inequities may lie?
Understanding Māori health inequities (He Kitenga)

Primary Solutions

Sunny Collings and Tony Dowell thumbnailProfessor Tony Dowell and Professor Sunny Collings (University of Otago, Wellington) are convinced that GPs and other primary health-care professionals can provide more effective care to the thousands of people suffering from mild to moderate mental health problems in New Zealand.
Primary Solutions (He Kitenga)

Jesse Kokaua

Jesse Kokaua thumbnailJesse Kokaua worked for many years in the public health sector, improving data collection and analysis in the area of mental health. It was work that eventually culminated in his pursuit of a doctorate in public health where he investigated the prevalence of mental disorders and mental health service use for Cook Islanders living in New Zealand.
Jesse Kokaua profile (Otago profiles)

Cognitive challenges

Richard Porter thumbnailProfessor Richard Porter describes how Psychological Medicine and mental health researchers are taking an innovative approach to helping patients overcome severe and debilitating mood disorders.
Cognitive challenges (He Kitenga)

Pacific youth wellness

Mele Taumoepeau thumbnailTwo studies are providing invaluable insights into the health and well-being of Pacific youth in New Zealand. Associate Professor Mele Taumoepeau is concentrating on the wellness side of the research, and Professor Tony Merriman is focusing on the metabolic health of young Pacific people.
Pacific youth wellness (He Kitenga)

Behaving well

Tamlin Conner thumbnailDr Tamlin Conner of the Department of Psychology is exploring a range of interventions to improve well-being among Otago students and the wider community.
Behaving well (He Kitenga)

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