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An Honours degree gives you an advanced education and better preparation for your future career. The main difference between a BA and a BA Honours is the inclusion of a strong research component, which is undertaken in an additional year of study. From a BA Honours degree, it is then possible to continue on to a one-year, thesis-only Masters in the discipline.

Programme Details

On completion of a 3-year Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in Communication Studies, or in Film and Media Studies), you will undertake a 1-year postgraduate Honours degree, majoring in Communication Studies or Film and Media Studies.

It is also possible to take Media, Film and Communication studies in combination with another subject for the BA(Hons). In this case the programme of study must be negotiated between the student and the two departments concerned.

Programme requirements

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)) majoring in Communication Studies


Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)) in Film and Media Studies


Enquiries about BA(Hons)

Dr Rosemary Overell
Office: Arts 3N2
Tel +64 3 556 7777

Further general information is available on the central University of Otago website.

Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, and Coursework MA Handbook

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