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Environments, Spaces and Transformations_Transformations_418

The End is the Beginning, Renate Eichert


If you attended any of the conference events and have photos you'd like to share please contact the Department of Media, Film and Communication

2014_EST conference_VD 2_1862014_EST conference_Fiona Allon_186

Key notes: Vijay Devadas and Fiona Allon

2014_EST conference_Maud & Alex_186

Conference organisers: Maud Ceuterick and Alex Thong

2014_EST conference_Ryan Tippet 2_1862014_EST conference_Rebecca Olive & audience 2_1862014_EST conference_Linda Madden 2_1862014_EST conference_Emma Sharp_186

Presenters: Ryan Tippet, Rebecca Olive, Linda Madden and Emma Sharp

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