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The Department of Media, Film and Communication's Working Paper Series provides an avenue for rapid publication and wide dissemination of in-progress research. The journal's ISSN is: 2253-4423. The purpose of the Working Paper Series is to circulate on-going research in the fields of media, culture and society (broadly defined) to the wider research community and interested individuals. The Series aims to promote inter and trans-disciplinary work across the humanities and social sciences. The Working Paper Series is a refereed journal that follows a blind peer review policy. Publication in the MFCO Working Paper Series does not preclude publication of more elaborated versions of the same paper in other journals.

Work by Visiting Scholars

Naql, Iqtida, Muarada, and Javab g'oi, Sariqa, and Mahumda Sariqa in the Hindi Masala Film
Anjali Gera Roy
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

And where do we go next? Some Current and Future Fields of Research in Media Culture and Media Economy – Illustrated by the Example of Michael Jackson's Thriller
Jürgen E. Müller
University of Bayreuth

Special Issue: Revisiting Audiences: Reception, Identity, Technology

Issue Editors

Kevin Fletcher & Holly Randell-MoonRevisitingAudiences


Owain Gwynne – Editorial: Revisiting Audiences: Reception, Identity, Technology (pp. 1-5)


Dion McLeod & Travis Holland – The Ghost of J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Ur-Fan (pp. 1-20)

Edmund Smith – Superheroes and Shared Universes: How Fans and Auteurs Are Transforming the Hollywood Blockbuster (pp. 1-27)

Alison Bell – 'Welcome to your ABC Starter Kit': Examining Entryway Paratexts in Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice(pp. 1-19)

Isabelle Delmotte – The influences of sonic sensory awareness in the production and consumption of screened nature documentaries (pp. 1-21)

Special Issue: Environments, Spaces and Transformations

EditorialConferences and Symposia

Maud Ceuterick & Alex Thong – Editorial: Environments, spaces and transformations (p. 1-4)

Urban spatial practice, creativity and change

Shanna Robinson - A roll of the dice: experimentalism, space and emergent forms of touristic practice in The diceman (p. 1-18)
Linda Madden - Knowledge spaces and the urban jungle: animal agency in geographical understandings of public space (p. 1-22)
Emma Sharp - Taking (intra-) action: alternative food initiatives doing differently to transform our food future (p. 1-19)

Transforming education

Kim Brown & Kerry Shephard - Seeking spaces to transform learning about sustainability in higher education (p. 1-17)
Megan Anakin - Transforming a methodological landscape from deficit to growth in mathematics education research (p. 1-24)

Rethinking law, media and aesthetics

Giovanni Di Lieto - Free trade in labour: a new global space for workers' rights? (p. 1-18)
Ryan Tippet - Social media as surveillance: digital spaces and the societies of control (p. 1-21)
Peter Stapleton - Expansion/contraction: shifting spaces within the rock music documentary (p. 1-18)

Research Reflections

The Department of Media, Film and Communication regularly hosts visiting scholars, research symposia and conferences. Below we have write-ups of our recent events to complement the podcasts and videocasts on the right hand side of the page.

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