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The Media, Film and Communication Programme produces internationally recognised research in several academic areas: media, communication, film and screen studies, media history, and cultural studies. Our staff employ critical research methods and approaches to understand media and communication technologies and practices in various contexts, focussing on questions of politics, aesthetics, history, social identity, policy, and the production of social space.

Our research is applied and communicated across a range of different scholarly and public forums. Many of our academic staff comment about media, communication, and culture in news media. We also have established local, national, and international links with the community, activist, government, and other research networks. Our research emphasises the vital role communication and media play in the cultural and political well-being of the different communities and identities that make up society.

Our research falls within the following themes:

  • Theories and histories of film, media, and communication
  • Politics of media and representation
  • New media cultures and forms
  • Media aesthetics and forms
  • Media reception and contexts

Conferences and symposia

Seminars and visiting scholars

Working papers series

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