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The NCLR undertakes academic projects that focus on:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Community research

Our researchers are involved in projects at all stages of the lifecourse from early life to studies on ageing.

The Centre receives funding from a number of organisations including the NZ Health Research Council, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Research projects

Graduate Longitudinal Study New Zealand (GLSNZ)

The Graduate Longitudinal Study NZ (GLSNZ) run by the NCLR is the most comprehensive study of a country's university graduates the world has ever seen.

Find out more about The Graduate Longitundinal Study NZ

Te Kura Mai i Tawhiti

Te Kura Mai i Tawhiti is a research programme being undertaken by the NCLR and Māori community research partner – Te Pou Tiringa (Governance body of Te Kōpae Piripono). Researchers are undertaking an evaluation of Te Kōpae Piripono, a Taranaki Māori immersion early childhood education and whānau setting.

The objective of the research is to create an evidence base around what constitutes effective early life kaupapa Māori programming for tamariki (children) and whānau (family) that will lead to improved health and educational outcomes later in life for tamariki. The research is located at the interface between mātauranga Māori and Western science, and has a lifecourse and whānau ora orientation.

Selected publications

Hond-Flavell, Theodore, R., Treharne, G., Tamati, A., Edwards, W., Poulton, R., Hond, R. & Ratima, M., (2021). Tangi te Kawekaweā: Whānau engagement in Kaupapa Māori early years provision - an exploratory study. MAI Journal, 10, 3-16.

Tamati, A., Ratima, M., Hond-Flavell, E., Edwards, W., Hond, R., Korewha, H., Treharne, G., Theodore, R. & Poulton, R. (2021) He Piki Raukura: Understanding strengths-based Māori child development constructs in Kaupapa Māori early years provision. MAI Journal, 10, 17-28.

Ratima, M., Theodore, R., Tamati, A., Hond-Flavell, E., Edwards, W., Korewha, H., Treharne, G., Hond, R., Craig, D. & Poulton, R. (2019) Te Kura Mai i Tawhiti research programme: A collaborative lifecourse approach to health, wellbeing and whānau development. MAI Journal, 8 (1), 63-76.


The DunChurch project

The Dunedin and Christchurch longitudinal studies have combined resources to address important social/health/education/justice issues in New Zealand, working with policy officials and politicians to agree on the key issues.

Selected publications

Poulton, R., Robertson, K., Boden, J., Horwood, J., Theodore, R., Potiki, T. & Ambler, A. (2020). Patterns of recreational cannabis use in Aotearoa-New Zealand and their consequences: evidence to inform voters in the 2020 referendum. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 50 (2).

Theodore, R., Ratima, M., Potiki, T., Boden, J. & Poulton, R. (2020) Cannabis, the cannabis referendum and Māori youth: a review from a lifecourse perspective. Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, 16 (1).

Translational research: Informing policy and practice

  • The NCLR is a translational research centre
  • NCLR research focuses on providing an evidence base for policy and practice
  • NCLR researchers are involved in a number of government strategic policy committees, review panels and research funding committees

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