Research interests

My research group's interests are focused on the regulation of fertility by hormones such as leptin, insulin that provide the brain with information about the body's nutritional status, and on the effects of a recently discovered group of brain cells called RFRP neurons on fertility and stress responses (such as anxiety). Beyond our focused basic research projects, our 'big picture' goal is the development of new and improved treatments for infertility and anxiety-related disorders; both of which are unseen conditions experienced by a large proportion of modern societies. For example, we are currently developing drugs that combat the anxiety-promoting effects of RFRP neurons. The Anderson Research Group is based in the Department of Anatomy and forms one of the laboratories that make up University of Otago's Centre for Neuroendocrinology.

Clinical conditions

  • Infertility
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Chronic anxiety disorders

Professor Anderson's researcher profile

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Anderson Laboratory staff and students

Caroline Decourt_webDr Caroline Decourt, Postdoctoral Fellow
Neuroendocrine requirements for puberty onset

Megan InglisMegan Inglis, Research Technician

Rebecca Lord_webRebecca Lord, PhD student
Signalling pathways used by the hormone leptin to support puberty

Sushanth Yadhav, Masters student

Kennedy Stevenson, PgDipSci student

Zsaleya Sword-Tua, Honours student

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