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Greg Anderson thumbnail

Professor Greg Anderson

Anderson Laboratory

  • GnRH neuron biology
  • Reproductive and stress-related roles of RFRP neurons
Colin Brown thumbnail

Professor Colin Brown

Colin Brown Laboratory

  • Hypothalamic regulation of reproductive and cardiovascular function
Rosie Brown thumbnail

Dr Rosie Brown

Rosie Brown Laboratory

  • Hormonal modulation of maternal behaviour
  • Hormone transport into the brain
Rebecca Campbell thumbnail

Professor Rebecca Campbell, Director

Campbell Laboratory

  • PCOS and the brain
  • GnRH neuron connectome
Mike Garratt thumbnail

Associate Professor Mike Garratt

Garratt Laboratory

  • Metabolic consequences of reproduction
  • The biology of ageing
Dave Grattan thumbnail

Professor Dave Grattan

Grattan Laboratory

  • Control of prolactin secretion
  • Adaptions of the maternal brain
Karl Iremonger thumbnail

Associate Professor Karl Iremonger

Iremonger Laboratory

  • Neural circuits controlling stress
  • Corticotropin-releasing hormone neuron function
Christine Jasoni thumbnail

Professor Christine Jasoni

Jasoni Laboratory

  • Pregnancy complications on brain development
  • Developmental origins of neurobehavioural disorders
Joon Kim thumbnail

Dr Joon Kim

Joon Kim Laboratory

  • Neural circuits linking internal states and behaviour
Alexander Tups thumbnail

Associate Professor Alexander Tups

Tups Laboratory

  • Neuroendocrine regulation of metabolism and glucose homeostasis
  • Link between Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes
Joe Yip image

Dr Joe Yip

Yip Laboratory

  • Neuronal plasticity induced by reproductive hormones in the maternal brain
  • Regulation of body weight by hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons
  • Regulation of stress by prolactin
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