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Research interests

Richard Piet 186x228 Richard Piet's research at the Centre for Neuroendocrinology focused on understanding the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in regulating the activity of the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons and, ultimately, fertility in all mammals.

He was particularly interested in the afferent control of GnRH neurons by kisspeptin neurons in the preoptic area and in their regulation by circulating gonadal steroid hormones and by the circadian clock.

Richard has now taken up a position at Kent State University in Ohio.


Piet, R., Kalil, B., McLennan, T., Porteous, R., Czieselsky, K., & Herbison, A. E. (2018). Dominant neuropeptide co-transmission in kisspeptin-GABA regulation of GnRH neuron firing driving ovulation. Journal of Neuroscience, 0658-18, 0658-18. doi: 10.1523/jneurosci.0658-18.2018 Journal - Research Article

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Piet, R., Dunckley, H., Lee, K., & Herbison, A. E. (2016). Vasoactive intestinal peptide excites GnRH neurons in male and female mice. Endocrinology, 157(9), 3621-3630. doi: 10.1210/en.2016-1399 Journal - Research Article

Piet, R., Fraissenon, A., Boehm, U., & Herbison, A. E. (2015). Estrogen permits vasopressin signaling in preoptic kisspeptin neurons in the female mouse. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(17), 6881-6892. doi: 10.1523/jneurosci.4587-14.2015 Journal - Research Article

Piet, R., Boehm, U., & Herbison, A. E. (2013). Estrous cycle plasticity in the hyperpolarization-activated current Ih is mediated by circulating 17β-estradiol in preoptic area kisspeptin neurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(26), 10828-10839. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1021-13.2013 Journal - Research Article

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