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Please let us know your contact details and keep us up to date with what you have been doing since graduating. We can then send you news and information about events that you may like to attend.

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Neuroscience graduate profiles

Amanda Wiggins (thumbnail image)

Amanda Wiggins

"Once I read about the neuroscience degree, there was really no going back... It was love!"

Irene Ballagh (thumbnail image)

Irene Ballagh

Fascinated by biochemistry, molecular biology, and psychology, Irene was delighted to discover the Neuroscience programme during her second year of study.

Neuroscience graduate Deborah Friberg

Deborah Friberg

Neuroscience enabled Deborah to leave the option open for a future medical career, while also gaining a broad understanding of basic biological sciences.

Deanna Barwick  thumbnail

Deanna Barwick

“I really liked studying Neuroscience at Otago – it taught me how to look at research critically, to think about information being presented, and to apply a lens of curiosity over it."

Frances Greer (thumbnail image)

Frances Greer

Not sure what area of science she wanted to pursue, Frances Greer initially enrolled in the University of Otago's Health Sciences First Year programme so she could sample a wide range of subjects.

Liv Faull (thumbnail image)

Liv Faull

"After reviewing the options, I settled on a BSc in Neuroscience, as the idea of studying athletes' brains really interested me."

Matthew Goddard (thumbnail image)

Matthew Goddard

While studying first-year psychology and philosophy at Otago, Matthew realised he was becoming increasingly absorbed in the material and was hungry for more.

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