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Benestar Win Win Parenting Work-Family Support Program – December webinar: School holidays

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Webinar, Online
Health, Safety and Wellness

School holidays: Navigating the work and family juggle

School holidays can inspire both joy and dread in the hearts of parents. Joy thinking about relaxing and spending quality time with the children, stress with the worry of juggling work and family as well as the dread of having to listen to “I’m bored” or “We never do anything fun” or “Please, please, please just let me have the phone, tablet, computer.”

With a little planning and some great strategies, working parents will be able to better navigate work and family during the school holidays with more joy!

This webinar with parenting expert Dr Rosina McAlpine provides working parents with tips, strategies and links to many resources to help them manage the many challenges of navigating work and family during the long school holidays and importantly, to be able to schedule in some time out to rest and revive so they’re ready to come back to work feeling rejuvenated!

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