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Wednesday 3 February 2021 1:34pm

Professor Jim Mann, Co-Director of the Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research Centre, and Director of the Healthier Lives—He Oranga Hauora National Science Challenge, outlines the promising advances in nutritional therapy for type 2 diabetes in a recent Newsroom article. He also asks why so little is happening in this space in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Nutritional therapy for treating type 2 diabetes has been used for many years, but evidence from the recent DiRECT trial shows that not only can remission of diabetes be achieved through weight loss, but improvements have been observed in the pancreas that further demonstrate the remarkable potential of this dietary intervention to positively influence the disease process.

Given the now overwhelming evidence demonstrating the benefit of dietary change in reducing the risk of developing diabetes at the population level, and the ability of nutrition therapy to successfully treat those with prediabetes and diabetes, Professor Mann calls for a national campaign of action to tackle New Zealand's epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

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