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Tuesday 2 August 2022 1:46pm

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A Community Awareness Week run by Te Whare Tāwharau will feature key speakers, stalls and training on looking after each other.

Te Whare Tāwharau's role at the University is providing sexual violence support and prevention. Students can drop by for support with incidents of sexual violence both recent and historic and talk to peer volunteers and trained social workers.

Pacific Island Studies graduate Ruthie Holmes recently took on a role at the centre and is one of the key organisers for the event which starts on Monday 25 July.

“In my role as Engagement Coordinator I've been liaising with other departments and external groups.

“It's been a busy few weeks with admin work and social media campaigns. I'm enjoying it, it's different from study and the team is awesome.”

The week kicks off with a disclosure training for staff members.

“We're running two sessions on how to respond when a classmate discloses sensitive information and how to find them the right support. We aim to involve the staff at the University as well.”

For the students, the week will be full of useful information and inspiring conversation.

“We are launching an art competition on Monday where students can submit their work. This year's theme for it is 'Back Your Community'.

“On Tuesday and Wednesday, Clubs and Socs will be around in the link. Our volunteers will join them to promote our work and who we are. The aim is to really engage with students.”

Later in the week the event will move to Locals where advocacy groups will be set up to advise students on where to find support for different sensitive issues.

Following that former Miss New Zealand International and Brave Ambassador Jess Tyson will give a talk about her personal journey.

Kōrero by Internal Communications Adviser Chelsea McRae

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