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Thursday 16 December 2021 9:32am

We had such an incredible response to our inaugural photo competition that it will now be an annual event. It truly was global. We received almost 200 photographs from alumni around the world that were taken on all seven continents, and our judging panel was impressed with the high standard of the entries.

Marl Orton was first in the Nature category with his photo “Place in Line”, and June Stevenson's photo “Kererū Binge was runner up.

Mark Orton also took out top honours in the People and Culture category with his photo “Mambabatok”. Iain Hutcheson was runner up with “Sifnos Sunrise”.

Jan Reeve's “Urban Waka” was first in the Street Life category. Henry Grayson's “Power is in the Pan” was runner up.

You can see the top 10 photographs in each category in the image galleries below.

Nature Top 10

Nature Winner - Mark Orton - thumbnailNature Runner up - June Stevenson - thumbnailNature Fergus Sutherland - thumbnailNature Henry Grayson - thumbnailNature Katherine Welsh - thumbnailNature June Stevenson - thumbnailNature Victoria Metcalf - thumbnailNature Hans Wagemaker - thumbnailNature Hamish Craig - thumbnailNature Iain Hutcheson - thumbnail

People & Culture Top 10

People & Culture winner - Mark Orton - thumbnailPeople & Culture runner up - Iain Hutcheson - thumbnailPeople & Culture Anna Scadden - thumbnailPeople & Culture Jan Reeves 1 - thumbnailPeople & Culture Ghazally Ismail - thumbnailPeople & Culture Samuel Rillstone - thumbnailPeople & Culture Michael Molloy - thumbnailPeople & Culture Victoria Metcalf - thumbnailPeople & Culture Jan Reeves 2 - thumbnailPeople & Culture Mark Orton - thumbnail

Street Life Top 10

Street Life winner - Jan Reeves - thumbnailStreet Life runner up - Henry Grayson - thumbnailStreet Life Hamish Craig - thumbnailStreet Life Mark Orton 1 - thumbnailStreet Life Yang Cao 1 - thumbnailStreet Life Samuel Rillstone 1 - thumbnailStreet Life Mark Orton 2 - thumbnailStreet Life Yang Cao 2 - thumbnailStreet Life Michael Molloy - thumbnailStreet Life Samuel Rillstone 2 - thumbnail
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