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Established in 1875, Otago Medical School is New Zealand's first medical school. Centrally located in Dunedin, New Zealand, we also have deep connections to Otago's Christchurch and Wellington campuses.

Our medical students undertake three years' study in Dunedin, before choosing the Christchurch, Dunedin, or Wellington campuses for clinical training in years four, five, and six.

We also offer undergraduate laboratory medical science and health sciences programmes, and dozens of research-based postgraduate programmes.

At any one time, our Dunedin campus hosts approximately 900 students and 500 academic, research, and professional staff.


We have eight academic departments on our Dunedin campus.

Dean's Office

The administrative hub for Otago Medical School.

Strategic Plan

Purpose, vision, values, strengths, goals, and strategies.

Our people

Meet our senior leadership team.

Expertise database

Search for academic staff by name or specialisation.


Established in 1875, we are New Zealand's first medical school.

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