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Next: Poems 2016-2021:

Next by Alan Roddick book cover of painted beach-cover image

Alan Roddick

Otago University Press, February 2022

Written in the eighth and ninth decades of his life, Alan Roddick's third collection of poetry, Next, examines the past, observes the present and speculates on the future. Anchored in the action of daily life – whether it be a ride in a mirrored elevator or a roadside conversation with a friend – his poems speak of migration, family, friendship, ageing and mortality.

Next is marked by a rare blend of uncompromising vision and deep compassion. Here is poetry that delights in warmth, humour, wit and grace, that revels in the beauty of the world, that insists on “anticrepuscular rays” at twilight even as it's asking the niggling question: “Tomorrow, though?”. Next at Otago University Press.

New Zealand Nurses: Caring for our people 1880–1950

NZ Nurses by Pamela Wood book cover of nurses outside of building

Pamela Wood

Otago University Press, February 2022

Author Pamela Wood's New Zealand Nurses draws on a wealth of nurses' personal stories to identify the values, traditions, community and folklore of the nursing culture from 1880 – when hospital reforms began to formally introduce “modern nursing” into New Zealand – to 1950, three years after New Zealand severed its final tie as part of the British Empire. It explores the growth of a distinctly Kiwi nursing style and how nurses in this part of the globe responded to, and ultimately came to challenge, imperial influences.

New Zealand Nurses is rich in detail and understated humour as it examines the nursing cultures that emerged in a range of different settings and circumstances: from hospitals to homes, rural backblocks to Māori settlements, and from war and disaster zones to nursing through a pandemic. New Zealand Nurses at Otago University Press.

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The Twelve, by Alexander Blok
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by Colin Heinz, Quentin Wilson Publishing, August 2020.

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The Unluckiest All Black?
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Progressing the Journey: Lyrics and liturgy for a conscious church
by Susan Jones, Philip Garside Publishing Ltd, February 2022.

Our Canada. A Year with Canuck Kids
by Alister Mathieson, Kelly Jackson & Diane Simpson, Blossom Books, 2021.

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