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Our staff are active in traditional scholarship – writing articles, books and book chapters and also active through theatrical, dance and musical performances, compositions and recordings. Many of these are collaborative ventures as staff share their expertise with each other.

Research in Music

We are involved across the range of research activity, from community music to music technology, from classical music and contemporary music performance to conducting.

Aotearoa New Zealand Music

Community musics
Professor Henry Johnson
Music of Aotearoa, Māori Music and Taonga Pūoro
Associate Professor Jennifer Cattermole
New Zealand classical music
Professor Anthony Ritchie
New Zealand cultural policy
Associate Professor Jennifer Cattermole

Classical Music

Analysis of music
Professor Peter Adams
Professor Peter Adams, Professor Anthony Ritchie, Dr Maddy Parkins-Craig
Professor Peter Adams, Professor Anthony Ritchie, Dr Tessa Romano
Nineteenth-century music

Professor Terence Dennis
Twentieth-century music
Professor Peter Adams, Professor Anthony Ritchie

Contemporary Popular Music

Film music
Professor Peter Adams, Professor Henry Johnson
Folk music

Popular music studies
Associate Professor Jennifer Cattermole, Dr Ian Chapman, Dr Michael Holland, Professor Henry Johnson
Dr Maddy Parkins-Craig
Studio Production
Dr Maddy Parkins-Craig, Dr Michael Holland

Music and Visual Culture

Popular music iconography
Dr Ian Chapman, Professor Henry Johnson

World Music

Asian music, especially the traditional and popular music and culture of Japan
Professor Henry Johnson
British folk music

Diaspora music
Professor Henry Johnson
Pacific music
Associate Professor Jennifer Cattermole

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Research in Theatre

We are involved in a strong and diverse range of research that crosses disciplinary boundaries and explores topics and issues specific to theatre and drama. Theatre involves multiple materials, sights, sounds and historical periods and the research of our staff and students reflects this diversity.

Practice-led research

We are committed to promoting our practical theatre work as

  • a form of research as well as
  • a laboratory for, or complement to, research

The close links between practice and research questions is demonstrated by our projects on site-specific theatre and on verbatim/documentary theatre.

Our staff and students are involved in research that includes:

Design and site-specific theatre

Light and set design
Dr Martyn Roberts

Documentary/verbatim theatre

Gay/queer drama


Contemporary performance
Associate Professor Hilary Halba
Performance and politics
Associate Professor Suzanne Little
Performance as research
Associate Professor Suzanne Little
Representations and the ethics of trauma and violence in performance
Associate Professor Suzanne Little


Adaptations of Shakespeare

Post-colonial Shakespeare

Shakespeare in performance

Theatre directing

Theatre from Aotearoa New Zealand and other cultures

Aotearoa New Zealand drama and theatre
Associate Professor Hilary Halba, Professor Stuart Young
Bicultural and intercultural theatre
Associate Professor Hilary Halba
Modern British theatre
Professor Stuart Young
Russian drama and theatre and translation studies
Professor Stuart Young

Theatre theory and critical studies

Historical and critical studies
Associate Professor Hilary Halba
Theatre and theatre theory
Associate Professor Suzanne Little

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