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Specialisations in the combined study of music, theatre and dance

The Bachelor of Performing Arts degree:

  • requires three years of full-time or its equivalent in part-time study and offers specialisations in the combined study of music, theatre and dance
  • totals 360 points and is made up of music (MUSI), performing arts (PERF), theatre (THEA) and dance (DANC) papers but may include up to 90 points (usually five papers) in other subjects or in further specialisations in music, performing arts, theatre, or dance
  • Graduates of the degree may wish to pursue careers in a wide range of musical/theatrical forms and styles, as well as in performing arts related education, media, and other related fields.

Auditions are required for vocals or playing an instrument

Students interested in music instrumental or singing performance can take music performance papers in Musical Theatre Voice (which is exclusive to the BPA degree only), classical or contemporary (pop/rock) singing, or classical or contemporary (pop/rock) playing of a musical instrument.

If you choose a singing or playing an instrument option, then you must audition for entry. These performance papers are MUSI 141 (Classical, 36 pts), MUSI 146 (Contemporary, 36 pts) and PERF 102 and PERF 103 (Musical Theatre Voice 1A and 1B, 18 pts each).

There is also the opportunity to take non-Western world music performance with no previous experience in the paper MUSI 140. It is sometimes possible for a student interested in classical or contemporary performance to take MUSI 140 (18 pts) instead of MUSI 141 (36 pts) or MUSI 146 (36 pts). Contact us if you are interested in MUSI 140.

Audition applications are due by 1 September

  • Auditions for these papers normally take place in Dunedin in late September for entry the following year
  • It is also possible to audition by submitting a DVD or YouTube link, with these being due on 1 September for entry the following year
  • Late applications will be considered, subject to teacher availability

Audition information for contemporary or classical performance

Go to information about the performance audition process

Auditions for 2024 will be held on Saturday 23 September 2023.

Contact us for more information


Programme requirements and papers for the Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA)

Details of BPA programme requirements and papers

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