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Studying towards a bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies or looking to add a Theatre Studies paper to your degree?

Theatre Studies is available as both a major and a minor subject of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme. The Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)) is also available, and usually requires an extra year of study.

Theatre Studies can be combined with another BA major or form part of a double degree.

The major comprises 10 papers from within Theatre Studies, plus an additional 10 papers either from within the department and/or from other departments. The minor comprises a total of 5 papers from Theatre Studies.

First-year papers needed for a major in Theatre Studies

If you are planning to join as a first-year student, you can take the following papers:

The long-running Improvisation paper is consistently highly placed by Otago students surveyed for satisfaction with their learning experience.

More information about the Theatre Studies major, minor and honours programmes

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