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Name Project Progress
Stephen Duffull Game theory and clinical decision making – understanding the process of clinical judgement for pharmacists Ongoing
Hesham Al-Sallami The influence of body size, composition, and organ maturation on drug clearance
Stephen Duffull An Approach to Evaluating Mass and Energy Balance in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
Hesham Al-Sallami Between-subject variability along the dose-response relationship
Isabelle Kuan A systematic literature review of metformin associated lactic acidosis
Yim Sanhajariya Simulation study for pharmacokinetics of different molecular weight fraction
Sudeep Pradhan Designs for renal drug studies
Abdallah Derbalah Effect of growth and development on the dose-response relationship of heparin
Abdallah Derbalah Order-reduction of complex systems pharmacology models
Abdallah Derbalah Pharmacokinetics of enoxaparin in obese paediatric patients
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