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Physics Department Staff Administrative Roles

Head of Department Professor Craig Rodger
Deputy Head of Department Professor Blair Blakie
Lead Client Services Administrator Mr Damian Walls
Health and Safety Officer Mr Myles Thayer


Course Advisors

Chief Advisor Associate Professor Niels Kjærgaard
Electronics Advisor                        Associate Professor Colin Fox                               
Energy Studies Advisor Dr Michael Jack
Physics Honours Advisor Professor Blair Blakie
MSc Advisor Dr Philip Brydon

Course Coordinators

Paper Code Title Course Coordinator
PHSI 131 Fundamentals of Physics I Associate Professor Mikkel Andersen
PHSI 132 Fundamentals of Physics II Associate Porfessor Mikkel Andersen
PHSI 170 Sun, Earth and Universe Professor Craig Rodger
PHSI 191 Biological Physics Dr Terence Scott
PHSI 231 Quantum and Thermal Physics Associate Professor Mikkel Andersen
PHSI 232 Electromagnetism and Optics Associate Professor Niels Kjærgaard
PHSI 243 Environmental Physics Dr Inga Smith
PHSI 282 Experimental Physics I Associate Professor Mikkel Andersen
PHSI 331 Quantum, Atomic and Particle Physics Dr Ashton Bradley
PHSI 332 Electromagnetism and Condensed Matter Dr Philip Brydon
PHSI 336 Mathematical Physics Dr Terence Scott
PHSI 365 Computational Physics Dr Ashton Bradley
PHSI 381 Experimental Physics II Dr Harald Schwefel

Paper Code Title Course Coordinator
ELEC 253
Electronics: Introduction                                Assoc Professor Colin Fox
ELEC 353
Analogue Electronics Dr Tim Molteno
ELEC 358
Digital Electronic Design Dr Tim Molteno
ELEC 361
Measurement and Analysis Assoc Professor Colin Fox

Energy Studies
Paper Code  
Title Course Coordinator
EMAN 201
Thermoprocesses 1                                             Dr Michael Jack        
EMAN 204
Energy Resources Dr Michael Jack
EMAN 301
Fluids and Heat Transfer Assoc Professor Zhifa Sun
EMAN 308
Thermoprocesses 2 Assoc Professor Zhifa Sun

Postgraduate Studies
400-level coordinator Professor Blair Blakie
Postgraduate coordinators Dr Michael Jack, Dr Ashton Bradley (Sem 1) Assoc Professor Jevon Longdell (Sem 2)

Liaison Officers
Maori Studies Dr Terence Scott and Associate Professor Jevon Longdell

Summer School

International Student Liaison

Undergraduate Exchange Programmes

Class Representatives

Dr Terence Scott

Associate Professor Zhifa Sun

Professor Blair Blakie, Professor David Hutchinson

Dr Inga Smith

Departmental Committees

Committee Email Members

Computing Committee

Assoc Professor Colin Fox (Convenor), Dr Philip Brydon, Dr Annika Seppälä, Mr Simon Harvey, Mr Peter Simpson

Equipment Committee Dr Mikkel Andersen (Convenor), Assoc Professor Niels Kjærgaard, Professor Pat Langhorne, Professor Craig Rodger, Mr Nick Theobald
Executive Committee Professor Craig Rodger Professor Craig Rodger (Convenor),  Professor Blair Blakie, Assoc Professor Colin Fox, Professor David Hutchinson, Dr Michael Jack
Teaching Committee Assoc Professor Niels Kjægaard (Convenor), Dr Philip Brydon, Assoc Professor Colin Fox, Dr Michael Jack, Professor Craig Rodger,  Dr Annika Seppälä, Dr Inga Smith
Web Committee Associate Professor Jevon Longdell Assoc Professor Jevon Longdell (Convenor),  Dr Ashton Bradley. Dr Annika Seppälä, Ms Kirsten Franklin, Mr Simon Harvey, Mr Paul Muir
Workshop Committee Dr Harald Schwefel Dr Harald Schwefel (Convenor), Assoc Professor Jevon Longdell , Mrs Barbara Buchanan, Mr Peter McCabe, Mr Jim Woods, Mr Myles Thayer
Equity & Diversity Committee Dr Ashton Bradley Dr Ashton Bradley (Convenor),  Dr Esther Haines, Ms Kirsten Franklin, Dr Inga Smith