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Physics explores the fundamental laws of the universe, which underpin modern technology and sustainable energy solutions

Our scientists research topics from atomic physics to astrophysics, and work on both fundamental questions and seeking applications in advanced technology and sustainable solutions for the planet.

In our physics degree you acquire a range of experimental, mathematical and computational tools to understand the fundamental laws governing the universe.

Our energy degree equips graduates to drive the transition to a low carbon and sustainable energy economy.

Our graduates are highly sought after across a broad range of careers including pure research, computer and data science, government agencies, finance, health, and the energy sector.

We have advanced facilities and leading researchers across a range of fields spanning from Astrophysics to Quantum Technology.

Te Whai Ao - the Dodd-Walls Centre

for Photonic and Quantum Technologies

The DWC is a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence with expertise in the science of light, from fundamental quantum physics to modern optical technologies.

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