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Contact Details

64 3 479 7222
PhD MPHTY(Musc) BAppSci (PHTY)
Research summary
Functional and clinical outcomes following concussion and moderate traumatic brain injury

Since 2008 I have contributed to postgraduate and undergraduate teaching in:

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Concussion assessment and management
  • Foundational physiotherapy topics
  • Clinical supervision
  • New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy New Zealand
  • Australian Registered Physiotherapist
  • Early and Mid-Career Researchers Group
Musculoskeletal clinical practice focusing on rehabilitation following concussion, neck related headache and whiplash associated disorders


My research to date has investigated function of the musculoskeletal, sensorimotor and autonomic regulatory systems following mild to moderate traumatic brain injury in the context of clinical recovery. Published results of research have reported on evidence of impairment even among those who are reportedly asymptomatic.

I am also interested in exploring the relationship between quantifiable impairment across these systems following traumatic brain injury, and functional neuroimaging biomarkers. Results from this research will better inform determination of clinical recovery as well as post-injury management.

Current projects investigate:

  • Mechanisms underlying the clinical presentation of individuals with persistent post-concussion symptoms
  • Influence of head motion velocity on measurement of the vestibulo-ocular reflex in healthy adults and adults post-concussion
  • The effect of exercise on heart rate variability following mild to moderate traumatic brain injury
  • Development of a valid measure of cervical spine neuromuscular endurance

I also contribute to research projects in the area of non-pharmacological management, as well as long-term outcomes post-concussion.

Research supervision

I currently co-supervise clinical masters (sport and musculoskeletal physiotherapy) and summer student research projects and am co-supervisor on a PhD project investigating the relationship between performance of the cervical spine musculoskeletal and sensorimotor systems and head dynamics among female soccer players.

Additional details

I am available for supervision of honours and summer student projects.


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